Digital transformation is enabled by software development companies. These companies play an essential role in this process. Companies that are looking to become digitally savvy need to choose their software development partner very carefully. Answering the right questions can lead you to choose the right software company, the one that’s most suitable for your organization. 

Companies are starting to see digital transformation as a very important priority.  This is due to the fact that digitalization in general, of the global economy and individual companies, is an ongoing and unstoppable process. 

However, not all companies are prepared for digital transformation. In the given context, software development companies as partners are very important, especially from a strategic point of view. 

Companies, i.e. their management and leadership may feel a bit lost, or simply need guidance in the process, so we would like to start with some useful tips. We will go through some of the questions that you might want to ask (and answer) before signing an agreement with a software development company.

First, and foremost, you need to remember the price is not the most important criterion!

Team of software engineers having a meeting.

One of the biggest mistakes that managers make is going with the cheapest option without considering other factors. You might miss the best suitable option for a software development partner if you’re focusing solely on the cost. When partnering with a software development company, look for the one that provides the right skills, not the one that offers the lowest price. Before selecting a software development partner make sure that the company can provide high-quality and secure code, can communicate in English, and has a reputation for delivering products on time. 

After this, you will need to consider the following: 

1. Does it offer a consultancy as part of the service?

To ensure that the contracted software solution is the one your company needs, it is smart to do an initial consultancy first.

In addition to requesting a consultancy from the software development company that you’re considering, you should get some information on their consultancy criteria. 

You shouldn’t approach this matter only from a technical point of view, but also from a business perspective. It is the only way to be sure that the software will be suitable for your company and will enable you to complete your business objectives.

2. Is there a  development methodology?

It is essential to choose a software development partner that employs a development methodology. Development methodologies enable companies to put in place processes and procedures that make the development process chaos-free. A company that doesn’t employ a development methodology is less likely to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality products.

A coffee mug sits on a table alongside a notebook and a plant, creating a cozy and productive atmosphere.

3. Are they using existing software to help them reduce costs?

A very effective way to reduce costs is to reuse the software tools you already have in your ownership, i.e. that you already have at your disposal.
Legacy software is an option that should be considered. Often you can take advantage of tools that can be integrated into the new system with a customized solution.

At we always do this, as it saves costs for our clients, thus ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction.

4. Who owns the code?

When choosing a software development partner you should know who will own the intellectual property and the source code once the project is finished. Beware that companies may charge licensing fees or usage fees for the software if they have full rights to the software products they create. 

In custom software development projects, the source code and intellectual property should always belong to the client because the product is based on the client’s idea.

5. How they value their people?

The most valuable thing for a company is its employees, its people. If the employee feels happy and fulfilled at work, s/he will definitely be giving 100% when working on your project. Satisfied employees are more likely to contribute with ideas and add value to your project.

But, why should this be important for you as a customer? That’s a legitimate question. Because companies that employ software engineers, developers, QA engineers tend to have a higher staff turnover rate. There are several reasons for these - the salaries in this industry are very competitive, employees are likely to leave if they don’t find the projects they work on challenging enough and so on. 

The problem arises when these employees leave the company, they take with them a very valuable thing - the know-how. If the know-how isn’t distributed, i.e. other employees don’t have the same level of expertise and understanding it can have a very negative effect on ongoing projects. 

This is why companies have to take care of the welfare of their employees

Therefore, companies need to have the welfare of their employees as a first priority, and secondly, have a support team that will be able to continue working on the project without any delays if one of the participants is no longer available/has left the company.

Software development team having a meeting and discussing work in a bright conference room.

Consequently to this, it is very important to look for a partner with a great company culture where the work environment motivates employees to be innovative.

This list of criteria should enable you to find a software development partner with the two above mentioned assets - stimulating culture and commitment to innovation. The perfect partner candidate should focus on three things: innovation, communication, and celebration of teamwork. Ask the potential partner to share details and ideas on how to improve your workplace and business culture.


If you consider all these aspects carefully, you will be able to choose the right software development company for your business, that’s certain. However, if you have any doubts,  don ́t hesitate to consult us, we at have the answers regarding these and other related questions.