Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism and hospitality industry were the most affected areas. Our partner from Iceland - GoDo, working in that industry, had an increased number of booking cancellations and the number of new bookings started decreasing, so they needed changes in their business strategy in order to cope with the new situation and continue working regularly.

Strengthen Iceland voucher campaign

That’s how the idea for the Strengthen Iceland campaign was born. With this new feature, from being a B2B company, they’re becoming also a B2C company temporarily, selling vouchers for properties. 

The properties are already using the system so the ones that decide to enroll in the Strengthen Iceland voucher campaign will be visible for future customers that will be able to book rooms by using vouchers and they just need to configure the dates and rooms that are going to sell directly to guests. 

This campaign is planned to be valid for one year when the social distancing and ban on mass gatherings have been lifted by the government. Therefore, properties can select for which dates they want to participate in the campaign, and also they are able to change or remove that period or they can add exception dates that will be taken out of the included dates automatically.  

How we help our partner in need with technology

With a very intuitive design, this feature is created to help properties, but also for the travel lovers that can’t wait to plan their first trip when measures and restrictions are lifted. Now, they can book a hotel or apartment directly on Travia for a lower price, and at the same time, they’re helping properties to recover easily of the difficult times. 

Our team finished version 1.0 of this feature in two weeks, so we’re very proud of them and can’t wait to see version 2.0 coming soon. Stay tuned!

Employees working on computers in a modern office setting.

Meanwhile, you can check this guide that Love Holidays published recently about how to practice responsible tourism this year. It offers valuable information and rich data-set insights on how the pandemic affected global tourism.