During the last seven years, we had many ups and downs, which is common for every young company. We do mistakes, and we do learn a lot. The important thing is to never give up, to believe in yourself and your team. Today we are very happy with what we have achieved so far! A perfect reason to have a party and that's exactly what we did!

Last month we celebrated our 7th founding anniversary. The party took place at Ragusa 360, and we celebrated it with a lot of cocktails, food and great music (Beta House Band & Dj Kalin Markovikj). On this day we wanted to celebrate our amazing team, their commitment and enthusiasm, all our achievements until now, and our satisfied clients. 

We are growing every day and we’re ready for new bigger challenges!

We are happy and thankful to all our friends and collaborators for coming and joining us on this special day making it even more memorable. 

We would like to share some impressions with you - so, take a look at the images below.