This year the number of new people at has increased by 40%. As we grow, so do the HR activities and it becomes more difficult to deal with them, and for us, employee satisfaction has always been our priority.

Besides (re)forming the People Ops team that takes care of everything to be completed correctly and on time, this week we have one more assistant - Alexis HR, a software that allows us to streamline the workflows and centrally manage all the processes.

Alexis HR helps us to make a great first impression and offer an excellent experience right from the start to the new employees and interns. With this system, we have a centralized onboarding process for any employment or internship program including integration with our ATS - Applicant Tracking System for a fast and seamless transition from candidate to employee, all pre coming activities, all the first day activities, all the activities in the following period such as the first review of follow up. Additionally, we have centralized employee profiles with annual (or sick or maternity) leave calculation, salary information (visible for selected profiles (admins/owners/managers), employment information (fix term or permanent), agreement information, all information needed, and review information, In general, the system provides a centralized place for documents and templates and optimize the communication between different departments included in the process such as recruitment, finance, mentor, management, etc.

Alexis HR also helps us to offer effective communication and feedback flow and act as a place where the mentor and the mentee can share ideas, insights, and plans.

One of the most important things for us was to improve the quality of the review cycle. Alexis HR enables us to standardize and optimize this cycle and helps all the participants in this process run smoothly. 


On the day that the review cycle launches, all participants receive an email notifying them that the cycle has begun and during the review cycle they receive further prompting notifications. 

Review cycles have three states:

  • Upcoming - review cycle has not yet launched
  • In progress - review cycle has started and is active
  • Completed - review cycle has ended and is soon to be archived to the History tab

Iborn cycles have three steps that must be completed. These three steps will help us prepare better and organize the reviews in a timely manner. 

The steps we are talking about are the following:

  • Preparations
    • Collecting feedback and answering questions in Alexis HR
    • Plan and proposal for a salary increase to management
    • Approval of the proposal by the management
  • One-one-one meeting 
    • This is where the mentor and the mentee will meet to discuss all feedback and decide on the next steps. 
  • Inform about the results 
    • After the review meeting, each mentor must share information about all changes that were agreed upon (whether the interval of 1:1 review has changed, whether there are any changes in the employee's contract, whether a salary increase has been announced, or maybe some steps that need to be undertaken by the HR responsible - providing training for developing specific skills, change in career path, discussion of certain problem areas, etc.) with the HR manager so that appropriate steps can be taken in a timely manner.

Whenever a new review cycle starts, all the participants in the process are informed via email. 

Also, Alexis HR is a really important player in the People Ops team where it helps to optimize and automate all their processes and activities, but also of the mentors as we already mentioned above. It automates the requests for days off and helps us avoid overlapping dates with other team members or with important events. 

The system itself provides valuable graphs and reports that will enable us to make strategic and data-driven decisions that are right for the company and we hope it will help us grow even more. 

We would like to thank the entire Alexis HR team for helping us implement the system and the onboarding of our team, and to Max and Lisa for being guests on our radio show on IBORN.FM where we celebrated the collaboration between and Alexis HR. 

Listen to the whole episode here.