After exactly two years of working remotely, we're officially starting the hybrid work model at iborn.

In the last period, our People Ops team dedicated a lot of time and care to plan and design a successful hybrid work model plan while taking a cautious and thoughtful approach to protecting our employees' health, safety, and well-being. 
This plan involved numerous changes and protocols such as limited capacities in order to ensure social distancing and separation between work environments and increased cleaning and sanitation. 

Our hybrid model consists in that every employee can choose when they want to work from home, and when from the office. 
In order to ensure accuracy and timely information for the capacity when scheduling work from the office, we use the app Spacetailor, which helps us schedule slots, book offices, check-in when in the office, and report sickness so the other people that were checked-in in the same period will be timely notified. 

This project was very exciting for all of us since made us feel that after so many challenges, we're finally going back to normal. 
The vibe, the culture, the sense of belonging can only be experienced when you return back to the place that keeps our team strong and makes us feel fulfilled and happy. 

Can't wait to see all of the Ibornians soon!