Our beginnings

When we started, we didn't have some revolutionary idea or a vision, it was just a fortuitous discovery. Namely, one meeting in Copenhagen in late December 2011 made this story possible. A prospective small Danish Health Insurance Company gave us the task to get their project into shape and deliver the features and functionalities to the market. And, that is how IBORN was born in May 2012.

We were a small startup with five employees, only one client, small offices in the center of Skopje, and strong values - an underdog looking for a way to differentiate ourselves. 

IBORN through the years

We were growing up as a company where everyone wants to work and serve our business clients better than anyone else. So we started hiring smart people committed to delivering quality software solutions united by a constant desire to develop their skills. We had a young prospective team that adapted quickly, solved problems on the go, made procedures, grew both technically and organizationally, and nurtured the collective strength at iborn by sharing knowledge with the younger generations.

10 years later we're here, proud of what we became and eager for what is coming next. Grateful for our people - the Ibornians, the ones that are here, the ones that were here, and the ones that only passed by, they all left a mark and made us what we are. Together we created our culture, and our environment, and shaped our business model - based on selling concepts, not people. This is what made us unique and special, this is what differentiates us from competitors, as an employer, and as a provider of software development services.

Where are we now 

In 10 years we grew our team from 5 to 65 people, from one business client to 12 from which 8 are our long-term partners and whose projects are still ongoing, from one small apartment to four floors house, waiting for our third location with more than 1500 ㎡.

This growth is primarily due to our internal structure and organization, the digitization of processes, and the full-stack people ops team, but above all to the quality of our clients' projects and the efficiency and professionalism of our engineers.

We're so happy and proud of these 10 years we wouldn't change a thing.