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Client Portal Application for Artists

Self-service app for music artists with royalty statements and data management.


The project

Our client melino is providing accounting and promotion services for music artists managed under various labels. However, all of the services are directed towards label managers and there was little to no interaction with the end artists, as most of it is done via emails which send out royalty statements and handle important updates.

Our mission was to change this and provide an entirely new B2C application that will offer artists access to  the features they need for the first time.

The process started by identifying the key features needed by the artists:

  • Access to royalty statement files

  • Access and management of tracks, products and artist data

  • Self-management of social profiles and personal data

With a plan to continue developing and extending with

  • Change requests process

  • Promotion tools

  • Analytics and reporting

This was not deemed as an easy task, because the nature of the project required solid security considerations as we’re handling access to financial data, accompanied by easy access to all needed features with a design to remember and stellar performance, and not to forget a new and separated infrastructure to run all this on.

The goal

  • Engage 500 music artists in the platform

  • Provide access to royalty statements

  • Reduce manual tasks and communication by providing self-service

Screenshot of melino client portal dashboard.

The challenge

  • Limited time of 3 months from start to production

  • High security standards

  • Exceptional user experience and performance

Screenshot of melino client portal statements.
Screenshot of melino client portal tracks list.

The result

We started the project with a lot of attention to the UI/UX design, as this was key to provide a clear specification for everyone included, but was also key in how we presented ourselves in front of artists, and we aimed for a really good impression. In the meantime, we developed the needed supporting infrastructure using Elasticsearch, intended to provide blazing fast access to a high volume of data. 

With the designs having passed several iterations and us feeling confident with their quality, and with the needed infrastructure in place, we proceeded to develop a new Web API and an Angular application for the frontend. This was done amazingly fast, following our standards and always keeping our focus on the main goals of the project. REST API, fully responsive Angular app, deployed on Pulumi scripted AWS infrastructure. When we had accomplished this we proceeded with the security aspects, thoroughly checking every endpoint, every account and making sure access is handled on multiple levels so we have redundant mechanisms in place.

After only 3 months of work, our team successfully finished the development of the project and rolled it into alpha, beta, and finally production. Artists started using the new application, where they are 2 clicks away from every important action and information

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