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Direct customers service

The evolution of policy administration.


The project

In 2020 Primacare expanded the business scope, and introduced direct customer service. 

Direct customers are companies from certain municipalities whose employees don’t have insurance policies from a classic insurance company, and Primacare offers the possibility to insure them directly in Primacare. Therefore, the system needed to implement an option for policy administration, while the insurers needed some form of the self-service portal and we needed to find a practical, flexible and easy solution for both.

The goal

  • Creation of insurance policy system administration that is flexible and scalable, and it’s not typical since the policies are not common insurance policies and exist only administratively. 

  • MyPC - a new easy-to-use portal using modern technologies to revolutionize the customer experience and reduce efforts of managing their own personal data and claims, giving consents, and downloading payment guarantees.

  • Deployment and release management automation with Azure DevOps to provide time-saving, faster, more efficient, and less error-prone deployment, increased productivity, more frequent releases, and immediate feedback. 

The process


  • Specification by examples

  • User stories and Scenarios

  • Acceptance criteria 

  • Close communication with tech person from primacare

  • Living documentation



  • Backend

    • ASP .NET Framework 4.8 (MVC 5)

    • Integration REST APIs .NET 4.8

    • Security with OAuth

    • SQL Server Database

    • SignalR

    • SpecFlow & Selenium automation framework

  • Frontend

    • Razor view engine using C#

    • HTML/CSS

    • Bootstrap

    • JavaScript

    • jQuery 

    • Angular 9



  • Continuous integration/Continuous deployment

  • Azure DevOps

The result

The software solution is a robust platform that has enabled PrimaCare to establish itself throughout Denmark and to set their eyes on expanding to the whole Scandinavian region. We strived to achieve full automation and optimized processes and workflow to enable PrimaCare to serve the needs of thousands and scale as their business grows and expands.

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