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Ingestion API

Integrating third-party sensor data with greenhouse management systems.


The project

With a cutting-edge solution that brings together the power of third-party sensor data with the advanced technology of Priva's greenhouse management systems, our innovative platform allows growers to seamlessly integrate external sensor measurements into their existing data streams, providing a comprehensive picture of greenhouse conditions like never before. With this new layer of data, growers can unlock deeper insights and make more informed decisions about their crops. Combined with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing the users to access and analyze this data, the solution has taken greenhouse management to the next level.

The scope of this project is to enrich the already existing and incoming data to the cloud with third-party sensor measurement data. This way the growers will be able to make use of the additional data from sensors that Priva does not control. In addition to sending the third-party data to the cloud, customers can also get it back in a structured manner and use it for analysis and possible predictions within the greenhouses.  The data is sent to an API that validates and sends it to a storage that can later be read and used for additional analysis and representation.

The goal

  • Ability to ingest third-party sensor measurements into the cloud;

  • Ability to ingest metadata for sensor variables;

  • Ability to analyze, display and deliver the data back to the customers;

  • Expand API services per package that customers can subscribe to.

The challenge

  • Multiple team dependencies;

  • Different data structures from different customers;

  • Additional infrastructure and ways of communicating on the customer side;

  • Determine limitations per subscription tier; 

  • Determine customer needs.

The result

After seven months, the API was developed that is capable of meeting the needs of customers to send sensor measurement data which is validated and stored in the cloud. Limitations based on subscription tiers were implemented to control the amount of data that a customer can send in a given period and also bring additional value to Priva. 

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