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BI and ML

From improving decision-making or implementing intelligent operations to accelerating innovation and gaining a competitive edge in the ecosystem, our team can help you make your data deliver meaningful business value.

Data-enabled organizations to build a smarter business

Data is a competitive asset in today’s companies. It’s a key to optimizing your operations, improving customer experience, increasing sales, capitalizing opportunities, and creating innovative services and businesses.

By using modern cloud platforms, business intelligence, data science, machine learning, and AI, we help businesses to build analytical capabilities and enable them to take advantage of the untapped opportunities in the market and discover previously unseen solutions.

Our BI/ML services encompass every aspect of data engineering implementation

Big Data Consulting

Big Data Development

Big Data Analytics

Data Integration

Machine Learning

Our expertise

Descriptive Analytics

What Happened?

Predictive Analytics

What will happen?

Prescriptive Analytics

What should a business do?

Data Analytics & Data Visualization Process

Diagram of data analytics & data visualization process

With the Data Analytics and Data Visualization services, we aim to shape a data-powered future for our clients by guaranteeing them insight to:

  • Improve business strategies
  • Customer engagement & customer retention
  • Recommend the right product/service at the right time
  • Enter new markets / Create new products
  • Boost revenue profit

Tools & technologies

  • Python
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  • Django
    tool image
  • Pandas
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  • NumPy
    tool image
  • Catboost
    tool image
  • Power BI
    tool image
  • PostgreSQL
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  • AWS
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  • Azure
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