Software developers working together in a modern office.

Software Development

Every business aspires to be an industry game-changer. We aspire to deliver custom software development that gets you there.

What we do

  • Architecture design

    • Analyse and provide software architecture that is suitable for the business
  • Software Development

    • Specification and documentation
    • Understandable and maintainable code following common conventions
    • Database development
    • Security and GDPR compliance
  • 1st and 2nd line support

    • Deep understanding of simple and more complex issues with the ability to diagnose them fast and provide solutions for fixing it.
  • Our goals


    Provide quality, security, and stability in  software solutions that the business and its users can rely on.


    Continuous improvement and growth from a technical aspect.


    Actively participate in product development by understanding the business and offering ideas and possible future solutions

    Agile development

  • Direct communication and constant collaboration between the development team and clients

  • Suited well for projects that frequently change priorities and requirements

  • Encourages teamwork and self-organization

  • Results in rapid delivery of high-quality software 

  • Our agile process and its benefits

    The customer gets features delivered more frequently and a higher level of collaboration than any other method

    The development team have increased productivity, self-organization on a higher level, and valued work

    The scrum master is enabled to address issues quickly and has a tremendous awareness of project state and status

    Tools & Technologies

    • Java
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    • SpringBoot
      tool image
    • C sharp
      tool image
    • .NET Core
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    • ASP.NET
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    • Entity
      tool image
    • Android
      tool image
    • PHP
      tool image
    • Laravel
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    • Nodejs
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    • JQuery
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    • Angular
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    • React
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    • Flask
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    • Swift
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    • Elastic Search
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    • Kibana
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    • Firebase
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    • NgRx
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    • Oauth
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    • RabbitMQ
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    • RestAPI
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    • RDS
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    • MySQL
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    • Javascript
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