As you may already know recently we have moved to a new location, but long before the relocation, we started thinking and planning the design of our new office space.

Employee-centric design: Putting people first

Since we apply the design thinking method in all our projects, we decided to apply it in our office design planning to enable us to create space that resonates with Ibornians, sparkling creativity, collaboration, and well-being. This approach allowed us to understand and address our employees' needs, requirements, and expectations better. We evaluated our existing setup, identifying what worked and what didn’t, ensuring that our culture and values remained at the heart of the new design

A table with chairs placed in front of a window, offering a serene view of the outside world.

The shifting change in the need for office collaborations

In the 1980s, cubicles dominated the corporate world, promoting productive individual work. Later, open spaces became popular, enhancing collaboration, followed by the widespread adoption of remote work. Although we never fully embraced the first two trends, the great work-from-home experiment significantly impacted us. So, our ultimate goal was to create a workplace where people want to come, where they fear missing out if they’re not there - foster an environment where people are highly engaged and productive, but also feel supported.  We aimed for a balanced workplace — a collaborative, interactive, and social hub with dedicated spaces for quiet, focused work, allowing employees to choose spaces based on their tasks at a certain moment.

Reflecting IBORN culture and values

We strongly believe that our workplace serves as a reflection on our culture, values, and vision, so we intentionally shape our new physical space to embody and reinforce our core principles. 

Here's how we achieved this through design:

Smaller offices and conference rooms: To avoid noisy open spaces and prioritize collaboration within each tribe or squad, we designed smaller offices accommodating 6, 8, or 12 people. Various types of conference rooms and the so called annexes which are smaller rooms for individual work or 1:1 meetings serve as an enabling spaces for better collaboration that suits different types of teams, projects, and activities.

The transparent separation serves as a tangible representation of our values of transparency, openness, and honesty. Glass partition in the layout encourages communication across teams, breaking down silos and fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and cross-team collaboration with effective workflows across the organization.

Modern and comfortable meeting room with sofas, chairs, big whiteboard, and smart TV.

Creative Spaces: Every room is designed to foster creativity, with reduced clutter, minimized noise, and equipped with specially designed large whiteboards and smart TVs to support different types of interactions, hybrid meetings, brainstorming sessions, formal presentations, or informal discussions.

Biophilic Design: Our building features a mix of windows and green facades, allowing natural light and views of outdoor plants. Indoor plants and wood elements create a pleasant work experience.

Open space/quite space: Whilst some might enjoy socialising, others may require a quiet space. Whilst some teams are bigger and require more space for collaboration and teamwork, other teams or individuals need to shut out distractions and focus on the work. We cater to both social and quiet preferences, providing spaces for collaboration and individual focus.

A cozy setup with chairs and table by a window, surrounded by green walls. Perfect enjoy the view while having an individual work or 1:1 meeting.

Comfortable furniture: Ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks promote health and comfort. Living room spaces with comfy sofas on each floor make employees feel at home during meetings or social interactions.

Green & smart offices: To reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability, we use solar panels, smart LED lights controlled via an app, and integrated light sensors. Additionally, our AC system features integrated temperature sensors to ensure optimal comfort while maintaining energy efficiency.

Image of a contemporary office featuring a couch, table, and chairs, and people working in the background offices.

Our new office space is a testament to our commitment to Ibornians. By integrating design thinking into our planning process, we have created an environment that balances collaboration and focus, reflects our core values, and promotes well-being. This thoughtfully designed workspace not only supports our diverse work styles but also fosters a sense of community and engagement.

We are proud of this new chapter and excited for the creativity and productivity it will undoubtedly inspire among our team.