Endomarketing is one of the most effective ways to reduce turnover (employee turnover rate) and attract new highly qualified professionals to the company.

The strategy helps to create an image of a good place to work and make people feel like their current position is a dream job.

The meaning of the term endomarketing can be deduced from the meanings of the two words it is consisted of: The endo prefix that comes from the Greek and means "inside" and the word marketing. Therefore, endomarketing is the marketing inward, which in the business environment refers to the inside of the company.

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What is endomarketing?

Endomarketing is an institutional marketing strategy aimed at internal actions. It seeks to improve the image of the company among its employees, culminating in a motivated team and reducing turnover.

Many companies dedicate a lot of time and resources to attract and retain customers but they completely neglect their own worker.

However, the reality is that a dissatisfied employee whose needs are not covered by the company is impossible to provide the customer with the unique experience that we want.

Endomarketing is a management process aimed at selling the company to its own workers. Some people call this strategy "Internal Marketing", because it forms the employees' perception of the company, considering their claims and presenting new ways of transforming them into a brand evangelist.

This means that all these people have a different perception of that business: they begin to see the company in a more human and charismatic way, developing a feeling of "adoration" for the business.

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"If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." - Richard Branson


The benefits of Endomarketing

  • The main benefit of endomarketing is that it achieves coordination between the different areas, which allows the development and correct implementation of the plans and strategies. It is surprising, but very good initiatives fail before they even come to light, due to lack of support within the company.

  • Avoid the failure or abandonment of marketing initiatives or any other project because working in coordination involves each part of the company. Workers from other areas can complement the work or even identify problems or failures and that prevents project failure.

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  • Generates greater motivation for the employee who at the same time feels more identified with the business brand. The whole company shares common values and objectives. Everyone knows their role perfectly.

  • If everything is communicated across all areas no one will be caught by surprise at a new event, product or promotion. There will be no failures due to ignorance.

  • It allows evaluating the work jointly due to the fact that each project has been carried out with the total coordination of the departments within the company.

  • Thanks to endomarketing, the rotation of workers decreases due to increase in satisfaction and their commitment to the organization.

  • It also improves workers’ mental health and quality of life which, in the long term, will reduce the number of casualties in the company.

When a company understands that its best asset is its employees and that it must work on the reputation of the company from within, it also sends a message to its potential clients.