Cloud Computing slowly made its way into the business world, and nowadays it is used by companies and individuals alike. Things that used to take up a lot of time in the past are now handled a lot faster and a lot more efficiently, and that enables companies, particularly start-ups to grow a lot faster.

Cloud computing services refer to storing, managing and processing data and it involves the use of servers that are hosted remotely, i.e. online, or on the internet if you will. These services are very popular with companies because they allow them to save money while still getting a high degree of security, an increased capacity with a number of additional services. All in all, cloud hosting comes with a range of benefits and we’ll take a look at the 10 most significant:

1. Cost reduction

Companies used to, and some still do, invest a lot of funds into IT infrastructure and everything it entails, such as purchasing software licenses and so on. It is no longer necessary to purchase and install special types of hardware. It can be a lot more expensive to purchase and install tech infrastructure and many companies can’t afford it. Not the least because it’s not just the acquisition, maintenance also incurs costs, a lot of effort and time is spent on this, not to mention that it often requires hiring of technical personnel.

Two engineers working together on a laptop and discussing work.

It has been demonstrated that by using cloud computing business can typically save between 20% and 30%. On top of that, all involved staff members can focus exclusively on their tasks and activities, without having to devote any time or resources to tech maintenance which can be pretty time consuming and expensive. Let’s put it into a different perspective – SMEs can lose up to a month of work per year when equipment needs to be repaired. Hopefully, this can give you a clearer picture of maintenance costs and what they mean for a company’s budget. 

2. Mobility: Access from any device and place

You can have access to all company information regardless of your location. Mobility is a great asset and it offers a competitive advantage to companies that have it as an option. You can serve clients from all over the world, plus it also means flexibility in terms of your own workforce. You can organize everything and function without being dependent on an office. You just need an internet connection to be able to access applications and information. In addition, when you host documents on the cloud, they can be accessed by a number of users simultaneously and your employees can work together without being situated in the same office. According to certain studies, companies that take advantage of mobility and collaborative work can increase their income by 50% on average.

3. Expenses always under control

Cloud computing is based on pay-per-use models. The company hires only the services it needs at any given time and they have the possibility to adjust the expenses to fit its real needs. The client can require new services or cancel them depending on their particular needs. This way, companies don’t have to invest in infrastructure that may or may not become obsolete. In other words, you pay for what you need and when you need it. If at any point you need more capacity, in terms of more data storage or any other service, you can just require that particular service and get it instantly. If the number of employees that are supposed to use the cloud services gets increased or decreased, the packages are easily adjustable. 

4. Technology always updated

With cloud computing, you always get the latest versions of the software and applications that are always up to date. In the past, this was only an option for larger enterprises, whereas now all users always get access to updated and optimized technology. When the software is updated you will just need to start a new session in the cloud and you will have access to the latest version.

Cloud engineer working on his laptop.

5. Unlimited storage capacity

Today we handle large amounts of data and the cloud offers virtually unlimited storage. For example, if your computer has 500 gigabytes of hard disk space, you can gain access to dozens of terabytes in the cloud. This simply means that you won’t need to purchase hardware storage anymore.

6. You don't need ‘the latest’ on computers

When you’re using cloud services, you can simply do with computers with smaller hard drives that featureless memory and have slower processors.

Your computers won’t even have to be equipped with CD and DVD drives, simply because you won’t be installing any programs on your hard disk. Moreover, since you won’t have too many programs on the PC, it will perform faster and better.

7. Respect for the environment

Even though we always speak of cloud computing in terms of profitability and productivity, this is another important point to make. When you use cloud resources you effectively reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Instead of storing data on physical components, you’re storing it virtually. That way, you’re spending less energy which is good for the environment. Virtualization can reduce energy consumption and pollution levels by more than 60%.

8. Security

With traditional computing, where data is stored on PCs and hardware devices, a hardware failure can cause a complete loss of data, whereas with cloud computing computer failures have no effect on the stored data.

But it’s not just this extreme case, with traditional computing a simple crash can cause issues, namely, you’ll have to restart your computer and often progress will note be saved. With cloud computing all data is safe in the cloud and it can be accessed from another device easily. When it comes to backups, we all know that backups are important for any business that deals with data. We also know that not all businesses are as diligent, as companies often fail to do regular backups. With cloud computing, all backups are done automatically and all data is secured and encrypted which makes it completely hacker-proof. 

A person working on tablet in a bright office environment.

9. You are no longer tied to a PC

This is more important than it may seem – you are no longer required to be near a PC all the time. As all data is stored in the cloud, you can change computers and work on a variety of devices, since all data remains in the cloud. Your documents, apps and other data will remain the same regardless of what device you use to access them. There are no limits regarding the operating system either, you can access the cloud using a Mac-powered computer, a Linux and all sorts of tablets and smartphones. 

10. Equality

With cloud services, small and medium enterprises have a chance to enjoy the same degree of service quality as large companies, which in turn contributes to a fairer and more equal market and give everyone an even, or at least more even playing field.

We live in a digital world and everything is becoming even more and more virtual, so we can only expect more business to join the Cloud in the near future. Are you ready for the Cloud? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to contact us.