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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. While the term itself may seem pretty self-explanatory, its use and impact are quite complex, especially for business that in one or multiple EU member states, particularly if their activities involve the handling of customer data. The regulation was passed on the 14th of April 2016 and its implementation began on the 25th of May 2018. The GDPR replaced the Data Protection Directive and unlike the directive, the GDPR is a regulation (as the term itself implies), which means its provisions are binding and are not to be treated as mere recommendations. In other words, companies have to operate in accordance with the GDPR. The GDPR sets the minimum standards when it comes to keeping, handling and sharing personal data of EU residents. It also applies to data of non-EU citizens, as long as the processing of personal data is done by a company that’s established in the EU or the EEA. The main goal of the GDPR is to set a uniform data security standard in the EU, in all member states, and avoid any discrepancies and inconsistencies caused by different legislation in different member states. Member states no longer need to pass data protection laws, the GDPR applies to all of them. Basically, if you’re a company that markets goods or services to EU residents, you are subject to the GDPR, regardless of where you’re headquartered. At we fully comply with the requirements for all our services to be GDPR ready and we are constantly up to date with all the news and regulations regarding our work and clients. By complying with GDPR requirements, businesses will benefit and improve customer data protection and trust.




Insurance isn’t exactly a new industry, the first insurance company was established long ago – in the 17th century. But despite the fact that the introduction of insurance as a concept happened more than three centuries ago, insurance is a fast-growing business. The importance of insurance has been growing steadily throughout the twentieth century and the list that answers to the question – ‘How many types of insurance are there?’ was becoming longer and longer. A lot of the growth of the insurance industry is due to the impact of IT. Insurance companies have been employing and using IT solutions that enable them to automatize processes, archive data, have better access to information, integrate product catalogues, keep track of client data, generate offers, create purchase and sales invoices automatically and what not. In fact, the software also eases communication with clients and enables companies to up their game when it comes to reporting and analysis. If you’re an insurance company looking for an software solution, we might be able to help you. The solutions that we provide are built using a modular architecture, so they can be flexible and adjusted to suit your business needs. We use web technologies to provide secure remote access so that employees will be able to work from anywhere. We’ve built such solutions over the past several years, but more importantly, we’ve been improving them and maintaining them with greats success and that is the exact reason why we can bring added value to the insurance business and your company.




Healthcare services cannot be delivered online and/or via software, but IT and technology, in general, have a purpose in the healthcare industry. That purpose is to improve the speed and quality of services and reduce the operating costs. To put this in clearer, practical terms – technology can cut the time that doctors and other medical personnel spend on doing administrative work, i.e. work that is not directly linked to the patients’ wellbeing, and that in turn increases both their job satisfaction, and more importantly gives them more time to focus on their patients. This contributes to greater patient satisfaction and that’s pretty much the ultimate goal for every healthcare facility or, if we go even further, the healthcare system as a whole. IT systems can do a lot for the healthcare industry. They can provide a more effective way to archive and search healthcare information and they can allow healthcare professionals to analyze and rate possible medical solutions by various parameters. Using statistics to make smarter decisions can decrease costs and increase treatment success rates. Moreover, software solutions can effectively automate communication and document generation. With our experience in this area we can identify and specify which processes need to be automated and how, and then proceed to design business specific solutions that we build and develop from the ground up. The web-based solutions that we provide are perfect for healthcare organizations that provide services to a large number of patients on a daily basis. Not only do we develop the solutions in-house, but we also provide consulting services. Our solutions are innovative, industry-specific with a focus on your unique needs. Allow us to help you increase your effectiveness and patient satisfaction and simultaneously decrease your operating costs.




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