Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the online classes were a measure that was taken overnight, without training, which has many teachers overwhelmed.

Now, technology plays a fundamental role in the processes of teaching kids and young people, so we picked 5 educational platforms that facilitate communication between teachers and students, among other things.

  1. Eduino - Macedonian platform administered and led by the Bureau for Development of Education. It´s an educational platform designed for all educators, class teachers, and parents where you can find, use, and download materials, games, and activities for kids. 

    It contains Technical Guide videos for all the technical problems teachers can have if they want to use it. 

  2. Edmodo - This globally known education platform with social network design simplifies the communication between teachers and students and makes class fun, while students love it. 

  3. Socrative - This platform allows teachers to create exercises, educational games, and quizzes which students can solve using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Meanwhile, it creates a student engagement, the idea of these games is to give teachers
    feedback. Based on the results, they can modify their next lessons in order to make them more personalized. 

  4. TED-Ed - An international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons. Also, teachers can create lessons with the collaboration of other teachers, students, animators, experts - and everyone who wants to share knowledge and ideas.

  5. Thinglink - A great app which is not designed only for teachers, but for anyone who wants to create unique experiences with interactive images with music, sounds, images, and text. This app allows teachers to create learning methodologies that awaken the curiosity of students specially because they are served in an easily digestible form.


Thesе platforms are more advanced and if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always continue having online classes in a more simple way, using video conferencing apps such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom Meeting, Jitsi, etc. 

Having said that, we want to remind you once again that our team is always here to help. For any technical problem you have, you can contact us on support+teachers@iborn.net.