Getting a stable job can be a real challenge when you do not know where to start. Putting a lot of effort and energy, as well as showing a high degree of professionalism are the key traits of interns that manage to land a steady job at the company where they interned.

Many companies tend to hire new employees through a system of internships, where interns have to spend a certain number of months before being hired full-time. During this period interns learn how the company works and develop the required set of skills for the job.

Here we outline the core principles that an intern should adhere to if they are to be hired full-time, after three months of internship.

1. Show commitment

They say that actions speak louder than words. Well, wanting to keep a job isn’t enough, it's about showing it. This is why the sense of responsibility, belonging and commitment should always be reflected in the work you deliver. If there is a chance for your internship to continue into a professional career, these three ingredients are fundamental. It is not about doing it because someone is monitoring you, but because it is the delivered work that shows how dedicated and how professional you are.

Software Engineers having an informal meeting on a comfortable office environment.

2. Take initiative

If you don’t have enough tasks at hand, set your own tasks, do something. You shouldn’t just wait for someone to tell you to do something. Show that you are able to take charge of things by being proactive, that is always appreciated.

If there are no meetings where you can present your ideas, you can request an appointment with your mentor. The important thing is to get noticed and your initiative to be recognized.

3. Follow the instructions

Attention to detail is a major selling point for employees because it shows your superiors that you are trustworthy, even if it’s just a small task. Remember, all tasks are important.

Whether you’re asked to watch a tutorial about something or put the dishes in the washing machine, make sure that you’re thorough and follow the directions completely.

4. Don’t be an average intern

If there are many interns at your company and they tend to hire interns regularly, it is important that you find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Work hard every day, learn, do courses that will set you apart from the others, look for a possibility of taking on more responsibilities, etc. It is up to you to decide how you’re going to do it, but it is important to find a way to distinguish yourself and make your potential employer realize that you have potential and recognize your professional skills and personal qualities.

A woman writing something on a piece of paper and holding a mug.

5. Ask for feedback

Sometimes you may think that you are giving everything but that those who are supposed to evaluate your work and accomplishments do not see it the same way. Therefore it is always good to ask how you are going and request feedback on your work. Ask your mentors what they think of your work.

An internship can be the first step and most important step in your future career. You should never underestimate internships, as they give you a chance to gain practical knowledge while working on real projects and tasks.