At the beginning of IBORN’s story, DevOps didn’t exist as a term. As time went by, we started creating a DevOps culture formed by a group of DevOps enthusiasts. Even though nowadays it’s a dedicated DevOps, we’re still conserving this culture and we nurture it every day. 

A team of professionals working together at a table, using laptops to accomplish tasks.

Primarily, our workflow was based on manual system administration, maintaining the bare-metal servers that hosted the applications. The delivery of software versions was done manually and in more fixed time slots and dates to support business needs and processes for quality. 

The biggest change that happened throughout the years was cloud migration and optimization. CI/CD was introduced and the method is still being developed and improved on existing projects. Our culture focuses on more agile software delivery, automation of test procedures, and development/deployment processes.

We were implementing our DevOps services on every project that we have been working on and even though the term was not invented, it was a crucial part of the process, except it was a more manual one, but with the same background.

The main technologies used were Powershell and command prompt, with a touch of Team City for delivery of software. Now we are using more of Team City, Octopus, and Azure DevOps along with the pipelines. In addition, we are using tools for maintaining infrastructure on the cloud, such as CloudFormation, Terraform, and Pulumi

Three  individuals focused on their laptops, working diligently at a table in a professional setting

In the future, we are planning an improvement in all aspects by strengthening the existing processes and automation, maintaining and improving the infrastructures, and security advancement. We are always focused on delivering better solutions with a more advanced workflow.

The most important milestones we have achieved so far are linked with three of our clients - covering the existing infrastructure in AWS with CloudFormation, CI/CD with Azure Pipelines, Team City, and Octopus. Moreover, we are currently working on an upcoming migration to cloud with Terraform on Azure.