We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched the first app of the My Iborn platform - iborn’s digital library Alexandria. 

The digital library Alexandria is a service dedicated to the employees of iborn and its mission is to provide and maintain an enduring source of e-books to support further skills development and learning new technologies for faster and easier career growth.

Key features of our digital library:

  • Filter search

    • Search by iborn’s favorites topics

    • Search by your favorites topics

    • Search by technology

  • Resume - you can continue reading from the page where you’ve stopped last time

  • You can search words or phrases in the e-book

  • Jump to pages

  • Online form for requesting books - if someone already ordered the book, you can join the request and the form will count the requests for that book

We aim to create an ever-growing collection of different titles that belong to our Ibornians, so our team is actively working on enriching the library, but also continues developing new features, such as offline use of the library, and many more.