We are always looking forward to improving our skills and learning new things! On 29th of April a meeting was organized for all the IBORN team members. The event took place in the offices of the New Man's Business Accelerator and it was called A Strategy For Growth.

The purpose of the meeting was to clearly set up new strategy for growth of our company, as the name of the event declares. At the meeting, we were discussing how to improve the quality of our work, how to achieve better results as well as how to better understand and faster implement the business requirements.

The chief officers of the three pillars of IBORN- Marija, Mihail and Zlate as well as our CEO - Igor, presented their ideas about the new ways of working of the specific teams - development, operations and quality assurance. After the presentations, we had a discussion and each team member had the chance to comment and share their ideas and opinions with the other team members.