Our people matter! That’s why since last week our team is working from home. We took this decision at the very beginning of the virus spread in our country because as a software development company we’re able to easily adapt to new working methodologies. Thanks to that, we have established continuity in our business plan, this way providing our full service to our clients. 

What does it mean? Our team has access to hardware and services they need to work remotely. Our services and tools are not dependent on a physical location and they’re deployed on a cloud infrastructure. We have policies and controls to ensure remote work is secure and in full compliance with the GDPR. 

On the other hand, we have tools that we use in the office as well, but right now they are of great help to us by providing organizational flexibility and making sure that each sector continues work unaffected:

Hangouts - communication &  meetings

Telegram - communication

Redmine - project management

Trello - project management & organization

Google Drive - centralized document management

TeamTailor - Recruitment & HR

Manager - Financial Management



Google Cloud






With this, we want to protect the health of our employees and not let this situation affect the constancy of our projects. We continue working together with our clients, delivering the service and quality we’re known for.

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