Conrad Connect - custom website for agile content management


We joined forces with Conrad Connect - IoT spin off startup of the European retailer Conrad Electronic - to build a new content management system that can support their agile development.

Conrad Connect wants to change how people share Internet of Things ideas. Their goal is to connect IoT makers by creating a platform where they can share their IoT projects or find a ready made IoT solution by others. As IoT enthusiasts, we were extremely excited to take piece on it and work along with the Berlin based startup.


Conrad Connect had a content management system that didn’t allow simple content creation and management. Each creation of landing pages or AB testing required a work of a developer. Small changes could take days which made it financially and time-wise unsustainable.

As a startup, they looked for a solution that will be built in matter of weeks. A solution that will be secured and stable for high traffic.


A requirement of the project was that non-technical teams at Conrad Connect would be able to easily update the site, without the help of engineers. This meant that we needed to consider components to build the site that could and would be reused throughout, both for content and features.

Our solution was to build customized Drupal 8 CMS with already built templates for simple content creation. To support the fast paced changing environment, we created a support system where new marketing landing pages are built in а day. The new solution also includes SEO optimization, multilingual - site and social media sharing.

To support Conrad Connect team on understanding the work with the new system we created a detailed guide on how to use the new website.

iborn conrad connect collaboration

Check our final work on Feel free to get to know  the amazing IoT projects from the Conrad Connect community of makers. Projects that can teach you how to make automatically turn off switches and lights, get sms if you make more than 4000 steps, or post on slack if the CO2 is too high outside.


  • Content Management System
  • Front End
  • Content Migration
  • Content Structuring
  • SEO Setup | Multi-Language
  • built in 5 weeks