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Social marketplace for bio-goods

Bridging the gap between bio-goods producers and consumers.

The project

Farmarket is a marketplace that directly connects bio-goods producers and nearby consumers looking to buy certified bio-goods. It represents a platform that introduces higher demand for bio-goods, by easily organizing supply to consumers.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for producers to overcome the technical barriers and enable them in all possible ways, as well as connect them with health conscious people of all ages who know the benefits of organic products and want to consume locally produced food.

The challenge

Farmarket needed one platform that solves both social and technical problems of the users -  the producer and the consumer.

Producers are facing difficulties to find markets for their goods and they’re lacking direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities, as well as networking for business expansion.

Consumers have very low availability to organic and bio foods on the market, low food supply sets overpriced organic and natural products, and they have lack of trust in the quality of food since they make sure whether the food is truly organic.

The idea is to build a disruptive and comprehensive solution, with intuitive UI/UX that eliminates all the possible technical hurdles for both users, enabling them to directly communicate with each other. Serve the producers as a channel for effective direct-to-customer marketing, while offering the consumers more educational resources and information about the provenance and quality of the food.

The process


  • Requirement gathering phase - meetings and workshops   

  • Specification by example (SBE) approach

  • User stories and scenarios – Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

  • Database design


  • Backend

    • REST API Backend in .Net 5.0

    • Firebase

    • Entity framework

    • SQL and MySql Database

  •  Frontend

    • React.Js

    • Responsive design


  • AWS infrastructure

    • RDS Database

    • EBS Application

    • S3 File Storage

    • S3 Frontend

The result

By using cutting-edge technology and easy and beautiful, yet powerful UI/UX we’ve developed a fully functional and fully-scalable responsive web portal that has role based access to the platform for Producers and Consumers.  

The portal provides the users with the opportunity to register as a consumer or a producer.  

The profile of the producers has a function as a personal online store, since with the registration they automatically create their Vault (which is the farm or the organisation that produces these products) fully manageable by themselves, so they can describe the farm, add  location ( street name, address, geopoint ), email, website, accepted payment type,  add products, set prices, and delivery options and terms.

Consumers can browse bio-goods near them - they see a list of farms in their neighborhood sorted by distance and order directly from producers by choosing the quantity, delivery option and time.

The system offers a request for cooperation functionality that will connect the consumers and producers based on the terms and conditions of the cooperation. The consumers are the one that start the conversation in order to establish connection. The contact should be made via a web UI (chat bubble at the bottom of the page) and the contact info should not be directly exposed to the user.  

As soon as a connection is established the consumers can search and locate the producers to request the quantity of produce, the date of the delivery,  the quantity per week to be delivered and the type of bio-goods produced.

The system offers direct communication between producers and consumers where they can chat, send and receive notifications, and communicate via the platform.

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