Travia - Booking management system


The GODO team came to us with an idea and a business plan for a new product. What they needed was a system that streamlines operations and communication between the hotels and travel agencies. That’s how the idea for Travia was born.


They realized that running properties without a system that can automate online distribution or email communications is tying up staff and slowing down sales. Both collaborators save a lot of time and the possibility of human mistakes.

To thrive in the digital age, GODO management sought modern, cloud-based B2B solution which will be a market connection between Hotels and Properties and Travel Agencies. This allows Travel Agencies to reach their inventory directly and manage their bookings better.

The process


  • Specification by example

  • User Stories and Scenarios

  • Business Processes

  • System Architecture

  • Database Design


  • UI/UX

  • Material Design

  • Branding

  • MySql Database and Elasticsearch

  • REST API Backend in Spring Boot

  • Security with OAuth

  • Integration with external APIs

  • Angular Frontend

  • Automated Tests


  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

    • TeamCity

    • Octopus Deploy

  • AWS infrastructure

    • Database

    • Elasticsearch

    • Application (backend)

    • File Storage

    • Frontend


  • Automated backup procedures

  • Automated issue reporting

  • Monitoring

  • Logs and auditing


With the new Travia product, hotels and properties can set every detail related with sales to travel agents, meanwhile, travel agencies can see live inventory, send instant bookings or requests to the properties that are registered. The intuitive user interface is super friendly for their staff and it increases productivity and makes their work easier.  Also, it’s directly integrated with various channel managers, third-party booking systems, and other hotel systems for greater efficiency and accuracy, that saves time and money.

Some of the processes that this system establishes between the parties are:

  • Setting up basic data and rules, pricing, cancellation policies

  • Establishing cooperation

  • Searching for properties with availability and prices data

  • Making reservations - bookings

  • Canceling bookings

  • Modifying bookings

  • Guest namelists

  • Direct communication

These are a part of the list, where each one increases efficiency, rendering phone calls and manual emails obsolete. The hotels and the travel agencies now have a modern, cloud-based system that provides their staff and management team with secure access to their data anywhere, any time.



  • 500+ Travel agencies
  • 800+ Hotels
  • 534K Bookings
  • 2.7К Allotments