Our mission is to exceed expectations and help our customer to maximize the success, whether it’s a new start-up, B2B custom solution or B2C platform.

We assist our clients by offering software solutions and consultancy which will help them increase productivity and efficiency and minimize manpower and cost.

We have a team of 16 highly motivated and experienced people in Skopje, Macedonia

The team includes young and success-driven professionals, skilled web application developers, QA specialists, and experienced management.

By solving hard technical and business problems we are providing highly effective recommendations for improvement.


We improve everyone's life by adding value to our services and products intended for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.

Our mission is to provide the most efficient solution to solved our customer’s problem, and achieve their business goals.


As a team, we always exceed our potential by working together toward a common vision. We believe that if each of us is moving forward together, we can go beyond our client expectations and succeed in our intention to provide the best service that our partners deserve.


With a dedicated support, extensive development lifecycle and total quality management expertise, IBORN is exceptionally qualified to provide high class services.

We offer a range of consultancy engagements that cover the following areas: System Requirements Engineering Business and Process Analysis Solution Architecture Delivery and Operation Software Maintenance