Our mission is to exceed expectations and help our customer to maximize the success, whether it’s a new start-up, B2B custom solution or B2C platform.

We provide a full life-cycle to our clients when it comes to product development. Our process consists of several stages:

    • Research;
    • Specification;
    • Development;
    • Quality assurance;
    • Deployment & Maintenance
    • Monitoring & Support

As a reliable IT partner, IBORN develops a beneficial, interactive process to provide the most valuable product for our customers’ needs.

The product development process requires keeping the highest standards for code quality and program design. This is the starting point of our team. Every development method is obligated to obtain maximal quality standards in order to produce a valuable and scalable product.


We strive to model our work and specify processes that fully describe what we do. These processes enable us to keep up with the hard standards that we employ when it comes to quality, software design and speed of development. Each task performed as a step of a process is fully documented, backed up and communicated with our clients, making us a reliable IT partner.

Communication We nurture strong relationships with our clients, as they always come first. To accomplish this, we provide several channels of communication: Meetings Direct phone line Messaging and emails Issue tracking system with integrated notifications

Support Supporting and maintaining the products is equally important as building them. This is why our company provides a full stack of support and maintenance services for our clients.

Software versioning The software we build is fully archived and each change is backed up on a secure server. This provides us with a capability to work as a team, collaborate, develop multiple features simultaneously, track changes through time, see progress and do statistics.

Security Our solutions implement the latest security standards. We provide secure systems by employing full end-to-end encryption for web based communication, encrypted login credentials, encryption of emails and API authorization.

Backup Even the best systems need backup, and the more frequent the backups are the more stable the business is. Our solution is fully automatized and reliable, tested for years. Once the backup plan is agreed, it is set in motion and frequent snapshots of all the data are saved on secure locations.

Stability We provide solutions that offer maximized system up-time. Our software is tested time and time again, and then some more. We do the tests on different platforms and with different loads, so we know what to expect. Performance considerations are a part of the development process and are always a priority.


We have our tools that we use and we love. Our tools are the newest technologies out there. The stack of technologies that we use to build the products are constantly improving and expanding, so we can keep up with the current trends and novelties in IT. With us, you can always be sure that what you get is always cutting edge.

A very important tool we use through our processes is Redmine. Redmine is a flexible web application which offers powerful features and we use it for project management and documentation. With the use of this system, we make sure we deliver our products on time, with the highest quality.

Following the trends and constant changes in the industry, business and technology, we at IBORN are constantly motivated to create opportunities for new solutions.

By providing these solutions to the market, we’ve helped our clients to do better service at lower cost, with fewer resources. We are always implementing and standardizing effective practices with high-quality development tools.

  • We offer a variety of products:
  • Web-based software systems
  • Integration with CRM & ERP systems using REST/SOAP API's
  • Reporting tools
  • APIs & Integration with external systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Web portals