Isn’t it frustrating when the software you are using suddenly stops working? If a website or an app takes more than 3 seconds to load, we close it immediately. Let's be honest, we live in a time when nobody has patience with poor quality software.

Quality assurance is more than just checking the code for bugs. QA is all about making sure that the client gets a product of high quality and the software works as it should. A lot of people see quality assurance testing as an additional expense, but it was proven that it is a vital part of the development process. In fact, it can actually save money in the long run as detecting defects early in the process prevents malfunctions during maintenance.

That is why quality assurance (QA) must be an integral part of any software project and that's why the QA tests are your best ally in delivering excellent quality software.

Despite its benefits to software development, quality assurance is quite underrated. In this article, we are going to explain how advantageous is QA in the software development process.

QA team having a meeting, discussing work.


  1. QA saves money
    Faulty software can cost you. It is well known that finding and fixing a software problem after delivery is a lot more expensive than finding and fixing it during the requirements and design phase. So, QA not only saves you money but also time after the deployment. Not to mention that discovering a fault after the software was released often means that some customers have faced the problem which can decrease customer satisfaction. 
  2. QA helps you gain client trust and customer satisfaction

    If the software users are happy, your client, i.e. the product owner is happy! When you offer high-quality and bug-free software you increase customer satisfaction and gain clients’ trust. This is very important if you want to forge long-term relationships with your clients. 

  3. QA and UX

    UX can make or break the product. Developers often can overlook the UX-issues, and that’s why you need a QA Engineer to make sure that the software is simple, intuitive and bug-free. Good user experience is the key to successful customers, which in turn, is the key to more successful customers.

  4. QA can increase your profit

    If you are creating a software product or app that you are planning to sell, then investing in QA means that you can sell your product at a higher rate. Plus, you don’t want to be dealing with angry users who paid for something that doesn’t work. 

  5. QA promotes the organization and efficiency

    You definitely don’t want to deal with chaotic situations caused by faulty software, bad communication, or quick fixes. Working with quality assurance from the beginning of the software development process means that you can test your software as it gets created, which allows you to be more organized and productive.

Software quality engineers having a collaborative session in a cozy office environment.

The benefits are clear.

As you can see software testing is important for SDLC and it offers a lot of benefits. It can be very useful when it is implemented from the beginning.

It can improve the efficiency of the product, and it enables developers to work from a more user-centered perspective. 

The importance of quality assurance tests should not be measured only in cost and time, but also in terms of the value they provide.