Dansk Sundhedssikring - Advanced Medical Navigation


This project is a combination of two tailor-made software applications that cover the needs of the medical staff and the patients. It was developed for the requirements of our client Dansk Sundhedssikring, a health insurance provider from Denmark.


Design a complete, integrated hospital information system designed to optimize and enhance the quality and effectiveness of healthcare management and help the medical team to provide the best medical care to their patients.


Create an effective, powerful and customized solution for healthcare management which will be very helpful to make an effective decision for patient care.


This software product has eight important features: 

  1. Health system navigation

  2. Advanced search capabilities based on keywords and filters

  3. Automated notification generation

  4. Large volume data with variable structure and various types and sizes

  5. Automated generation of documents with the right data and template

  6. Specified and planned workflows

  7. Configuration accessible to the administrators

  8. Authorization structure that is scalable, reliable and secure.

The result that we managed to achieve was developing a unique software solution which helps the medical staff accomplish their everyday tasks in user and claim management as easy as possible. The process of medical navigation is optimized and automated so this system can guide the patients to the right clinic or hospital.

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