Prima Care - Treatment Provider Network


This project represents a custom tailored software solution for a highly efficient network of clinics in Denmark. Prima-Care is a young company that has grown rapidly in the past two years mainly due to the combination of an experienced management team, a strong network of clinics and a highly efficient software platform built by The network offers a high quality service to the patients and to the insurance providers by finding the right treatments and automating all administrative work.


Build web based solution for case management used by treatment providers

Integrate with insurance providers claim management systems by utilizing a REST API to automate the process for smart assignment of patient cases to individual treatment providers

Integrate with external financial systems to provide an automated invoicing process, for both purchase towards treatment providers and sales towards health insurance companies

Automate the administration process by creating and managing all of the needed data, documentation, notifications and various processes in the network, by utilizing a paperless digital workflow


Structure and automate the processes as much as possible, even though they are developing and changing as the company grows and adapts to the market

Create a system in which new products are introduced rapidly, and existing ones are adapted to the needs of the customers

Make sure that all data access is secured and take care of system level integrity

Integrate with other systems and provide auditing of all communication

The process

Specification by example

Living documentation

Close communication with the Prima-Care team


SQL Server database

Modular & Multi-layer architecture

Entity framework

Web Portal in MVC, responsive design


Services for automation of processes

Unit tests


Automated test environment deployment with TeamCity

Automated database migrations


Automated issue reporting

Monitoring with New Relic

Logs and auditing


Our software platform has enabled Prima-Care to establish itself throughout Denmark and to set their eyes on expanding to the whole Scandinavian region. We strive to achieve full automation and optimized processes and workflow - which enabled Prima-Care to serve the needs of thousands with a compact and efficient team.

The case management portal, the notification module, the insurance integration API and the external financial system integration are important pieces that together complete the jigsaw and make Prima-Care the center part that connects the others - treaters, patients, and insurance companies.