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Two working desks placed in front of a window with a view of the cityscape, showcasing urban buildings.
Creating a people-first office space

Discover how we created a people-first office that balances collaboration, focus, and well-being, reflecting our culture and fostering creativity and productivity.

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How feature flags benefit various roles in teams

Everything you need to know about feature flags. Explore how this simple yet transformative tool enhances agility, quality, and collaboration across diverse roles in a team. 

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4 big data challenges and solutions

Handling huge numbers of documents and providing fast and feature-rich access is a big challenge. In this article, we share our experiences in different use cases and our solutions to the challenges.

Mihail Dimitrovski, CTO of IBORN
Achieving future-proof software

As IT engineers we take great pride when what we do improves an aspect of society. Even the little things, like improving loading time by half a second mean a lot.

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Why migrate to the cloud?

The cloud is not something new. It appeared years ago but the latest pandemic situation eliminated the doubts around cloud environments.

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How technology can revive tourism

The tourism industry has experienced many crises throughout history, although none of them can be compared to the current one, which is becoming very long and complicated.

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Rebuild your legacy system

In the last decade business technology has evolved exponentially. Lately, we’ve been witnessing extraordinary events that strengthened the need for a modern technology environment that is agile and responsive enough to meet rapidly evolving business dynamics.

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Are Progressive Web Apps (PWA) the future of Mobile Web App Development?

Progressive Web Apps behave like native web applications but use web technologies. In simple words, they are web pages that behave like native apps. The objective of Progressive Web Apps is to convert websites into applications. Therefore, we must bear in mind what is the difference between them, what their advantages are, the characteristics they show, and why we want our websites to become applications or have the characteristics of an application.

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Creating Customer Value with Quality Assurance

From an eminently commercial point of view, creating value means offering something to someone who wants to fulfill a need and hopes to satisfy it by making some kind of sacrifice - usually economic.

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Advantages of automated deployment

The pursuit of simplifying things and optimizing time has always been a challenge for software companies, so processes for achieving that are constantly changing.

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7 Ways to use machine learning against pandemic

Due to the health crisis, we're suffering, many researchers and scientists are collecting and sharing data, to learn from viruses and manage future pandemics. One of the technologies that are being used is machine learning.

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How technology can help hospitality in times of pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism and hospitality industry were the most affected areas.

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Educational platforms teachers can use during COVID-19 and after

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the online classes were a measure that was taken overnight, without training, which has many teachers overwhelmed.

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What’s new in Angular 9

After several months of delays and considerable uncertainty, version 9 of Angular, one of the most widely used Front-End development frameworks in the world, was finally released.

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How Macedonian software companies respond to the COVID-19 impact

The coronavirus - an unprecedented global health crisis that is taking a serious toll on human lives, has been ravaging Europe for more than a month and rapidly spreading across the world.

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5 common mistakes in data science

With the boom of big data, organizations began hiring data scientists and adopting new technologies to obtain valuable information from data analysis. Being a data researcher requires high precision and responsibilities since people with this role have a very small margin for errors.

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Where I can apply Machine Learning?

Your company may not be the size of Netflix or Amazon, but you can still apply Machine Learning to make it better.

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Insurance & Insurtech - a story of innovation

The insurance sector has some special features in terms of business model, distribution channels and relationship with the end customer that make it unique.

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Machine Learning and Big Data in tourism and hospitality

It may not seem that Tourism and Big Data have a lot in common, but in fact, they have more in common than you may think.

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How to start with machine learning in your company

Companies don’t always understand the advantages of Machine Learning, which in turn prevents them from starting to implement it. In fact, the lack of information and understanding is the key issue. We explained the advantages of Machine Learning in our previous blog article.

Software engineers working in a modern office environment.
What is Machine Learning

Thanks to technological advances, concepts like machine learning no longer seem obscure or meaningless. This particular concept revolves around the ability of software to learn by adapting certain algorithms, usually by entering data into the system.

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Enhance your business with an intelligent ERP

It is common among company owners and managers to think that the digital transformation process is completed simply by implementing an ERP system. But, this is a misconception, as that’s just the beginning. The question “And, now what?” follows logically.

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How to manage the digital transformation in your industry

Digital transformation is, in fact, a business transformation. Traditional business transformations were slightly different, but in the modern world, companies transform themselves by going digital.

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What is, actually, DevOps?

What is ‘DevOps? Is it a movement? A process? A job title? Or just a way of thinking?

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12 factors that can affect cloud migration

Resistance to change, lack of vision, technological legacy, financial constraints... These are just some of the reasons why cloud migration plans fail.

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Reasons to use CMS

We’re living in a digital world, so it is fair to say that we’re quite dependent on the internet and technology in general. That’s pretty obvious. Whenever we need information on any topic, we go online.

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8 common myths about DevOps

There is a wide range of assumptions and, we have to say, myths about DevOps that we hear and read on a daily basis.

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How do I know if my business needs a mobile app?

Nowadays it is considered trendy to have a website, a mobile or a web app for your business, and, generally speaking, have an online presence. But it is not just trendy, in many cases, it is what the business needs.

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Introduction to Reactive Programming

Reactive Programming is a new declarative paradigm. It makes it possible to work with finite or infinite data flows asynchronously, allowing it to propagate generating changes in the application. As it is indicated by the title, it ‘reacts’ to the data by executing a series of events.

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SEO for React JS

SEO for React.js? Is it possible? In the age before JavaScript, static HTML code was commonly used to create websites. With JavaScript, it became possible for web developers to add more interactive features to websites.

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SaaS: Advantages of Cloud Computing for SMEs

ew technologies can be very beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially technologies that can improve and simplify business management processes without increasing costs.

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Business benefits of software consulting and development services

We live in a globalized world where companies that aim to be successful on an international scale are facing a lot of competition. In order to be a fast-growing company and climb high up the ladder, you should have a large team. 

A group of individuals sitting around a table, engaged with a tablet device.
How digital transformation impacts the insurance industry

The insurance industry has one pretty unique feature: it sells the same service since its beginning. This could lead you to think that this industry doesn’t change or improve. Nothing could be further from the truth; a lot of things are changing in the insurance industry.

A close-up of a computer screen displaying lines of code.
Top 8 myths about custom software development

Myths, false beliefs and assumptions obstruct the communication and software development process. Is it really custom software development slow, expensive and complicated? It doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

A man writing on a blackboard with a diagram of mobile services.
10 benefits of cloud computing services

Cloud Computing slowly made its way into the business world, and nowadays it is used by companies and individuals alike.

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PWAs & SEO - Improve your SEO indirectly with PWA

Pretty sure that you have heard/read the term PWA (progressive web app) at least several times, after all, it is often used by companies like Google.

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How to choose the right software development company

Digital transformation is enabled by software development companies. These companies play an essential role in this process. Companies that are looking to become digitally savvy need to choose their software development partner very carefully.

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Benefits of making software quality assurance tests

Isn’t it frustrating when the software you are using suddenly stops working? If a website or an app takes more than 3 seconds to load, we close it immediately. Let's be honest, we live in a time when nobody has patience with poor quality software.

A man and woman sitting together, looking at a laptop screen with focused expressions.
Is Data Science a good career move?

Data science pretty much became a buzzword, should we say a buzz-phrase, in the past few years, especially in the world of start-ups and data-driven businesses. But the increased importance of data science is making it one of today’s most promising career choices.

Group of data engineers working together in a bright office.
Big Data vs. Data Science vs. Data Analytics: similar, but not the same

It is very likely that you have already heard about the importance and value of data. It seems that everyone is talking about Big Data, Data Science or Data Analytics nowadays.

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How to avoid SEO disasters during website migration

When doing website migration, or even just content migration, a lot of companies experience problems such as decreased traffic.

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Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digital transformation is something of a trend right now, but as it is the case with many trends in the world of business, not everybody understands what it means exactly. 

Team of software engineers having a meeting in a conference room.
How software development is transforming the healthcare industry

We’re witnessing serious changes in the healthcare industry thanks to information technology. This is not to undermine the other important changes that are also happening in medicine, but here we’re focusing on technology and how it is transforming the healthcare industry.

Two people working on computers at a desk.
Custom software development or off-the-shelf software?

The dilemma that most innovative software companies and business owners face at some point.

Two people with a laptop and a map, exploring new places and discussing over coffee where to travel.
Tourism & Technology: How tech has changed the way we travel

Nowadays is so easy to travel and visit various destinations.

Software engineers having a meeting in a bright conference room.
Software development company vs. Freelancer

If you’re reading this, you probably have a great idea for a web project or an app. I’m pretty sure you have some ideas about how to do it.

Man and woman using laptop on a couch.
The importance of UX design in the SDLC

Thousands of new software products are released every day. They serve a wide range of purposes and are used by millions all over the globe. The success of each software product depends directly on how easy it is to handle it, i.e. it’s user-friendliness or lack of thereof.

QA engineers discussing work.
Deliver the right software with SBE

If you work with software development I’m sure that you’ve already heard words like BDD, TDD, ATDD, etc. But, have you heard about SBE? SBE or Specification by Example is a collaborative method for specifying requirements and test.

A woman sitting at a table, using a laptop for work.
Coding is for men...and women!

Traditionally, coding has been associated with competences considered masculine, linked to the size of the amygdala, or the left side of the brain, such as logical-mathematical reasoning, focusing on results, etc., etc.

Three people collaborating at a table, focused on a laptop.
BDD + Cucumber - The best of both worlds

What BDD as a development methodology has to do with testing techniques?

Illustration of upgrading to Angular 7.
Upgrade to Angular 7 in few steps

Angular 7 is the perfect platform for the professional development of modern applications. Staying up to date with the latest version is very important. In its current version 7, it is more powerful than ever, and it is very easy to master the basics.

A professional woman focused on her work, sitting at a table with a laptop, engrossed in her tasks.
9 myths about QA and testing

Do you know the real functions of a QA? Do you know the main difference between QA and Tester? Are they heroes or villains? Let’s go through the most common myths regarding the process of testing and try to debunk them.

Group of colleague eating together.
The employee experience

Employees are one of the key pillars of every successful company, if not the most important one. Companies simply can’t afford to neglect those who drive them forwards, after all, it is employees who find new clients and keep the current ones satisfied.

Two software engineers working together on a laptop.
Drupal as a web solution for your business

Drupal is one of the best CMSs (Content Management System) thanks to its versatility, stability, and the level of security it provides. It is an open source solution without limits, and it is not surprising that many companies opt to use it to create and manage their websites.

Laptop on a desk with a coffee mug, a small cactus, and a desk lamp.
Callbacks - A thing of the past

If you are a web developer you probably spend a considerable amount of time handling requests, waiting for things from external sources and then handling the requested data. The problem is quite common and not easily manageable on the client-side.

Software engineer working on his desk.
The business value of ElasticSearch

Does your business handle huge amounts of data? Do you have a lot of unstructured data that’s valuable and important to you? Do you want instant search and smart analysis? Does it take long for your client base to receive relevant product information?

Aurelia logo on a white background.
Is Aurelia the “Next Gen” JavaScript Framework?

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Aurelia is a collection of Javascript modules that allow you to create web, mobile or desktop applications from open source while complying with web standards.

This framework not only allows us to create incredible user interfaces, it enables us to do it in easily scalable, maintainable and scalable way.

Illustration of the synergy between react and redux.
Why we should use React and Redux together?

Are you a front-end developer working with React.js and struggling whether to use Redux? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

A person on an escalator saying Здраво which means Hello as depicted in a drawing.
How to turn your internship into a job?

Getting a stable job can be a real challenge when you do not know where to start. Putting a lot of effort and energy, as well as showing a high degree of professionalism are the key traits of interns that manage to land a steady job at the company where they interned.

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What is endomarketing and why is it important?

Endomarketing is one of the most effective ways to reduce turnover (employee turnover rate) and attract new highly qualified professionals to the company.

Javascript logo on a yellow backgroudn and a loupe.
The awesome power of JavaScript functions

Functions in JavaScript are first-class citizens. Yeah, functions are what JavaScript is all about. But let’s dive in, let’s get into a bit more details.

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Closing the service gaps

Having satisfied clients is a key concern for pretty much all business regardless whether they’re offering products or services, or perhaps both. We are using the term ‘services’ more often, but the same principles apply if you’re providing products.

Figures representing people waiting in a queue.
Queuing systems

What are “queueing systems” actually and why do we need them? 

A person holding a mobile phone with a laptop, calculator, newspaper, and cup of coffee and succulent in front of him.
Business Intelligence Platforms

There are multiple BI tools, so you might be struggling with the decision of which one to choose. The best business intelligence platforms list will almost certainly include Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. The most common business intelligence platform comparison is between these two. 

A startup concept on paper with a laptop and coffee, symbolizing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.
Impact Mapping for software products and projects

Let me introduce you to Impact Mapping - a collaborative technique created by Gojko Adzic . If you want to visualize connections and make decisions based on business objectives, participants and the impact that they want to generate in the

React and redux logos among planets and moons.
Front-end development with React and Redux

More about the React-Redux combo and their roles in front-end development.  

A QA Engineer working on a computer.
Quality Assurance vs. Tester - What is the difference?

Testing is an activity. Anybody can test. Sometimes testing is just using a product, while QA requires a strategic approach to testing in the sense of planning how, what, and when to test. Let's deep dive into what is the main difference between quality assurance and testing.

Person working on a laptop.
That one time every page run on a single thread

If you’ve ever seen website you would’ve noticed pages loading fast and all sorts of shenanigans, how is it even possible to run all that via a single, lone thread. Well, it’s not really a lone thread, in the sense that JavaScript isn’t doing all the work on its own. It’s simple then it sounds real.